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Welcome to my site, where my works are showcased and my silliness on view for all to see. Agents (and voyeurs) can thumb through my submissions (I'm always looking for representation). There are also my blogs (on life, on books, on movies) to rise howls of derision from the crowd.


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Sam I am!

I’m Robert Raymond, writer and author, husband and cat-partner, model railroader and cyclist.

Robert in TunisiaI’m in my fifties, a resident of the bland city of Orlando (what’s the difference between Orlando and Yogurt? Yogurt has live culture). I commute to work by bike several times a week. I’m a founding member of an area model railroad club. I grew up in a Navy family, lived just about everywhere. I travel with my wife to such places as England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Tunisia and Italy. My favorite city is London, and my favorite spot is Hyde Park.


Cover: Early ReTyrement

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The "Early ReTyrement" Challenge!

What would you do if you fell backwards in time?

Yes, all these iron-age boners are still head-scratching over smelting while you can make silicon circuits dance. You'd be a wizard! A king!

Wouldn't you?

But all these things around you that grant that superiority: computers, cars, flush toilets; could you produce them? Could you reconstruct the tools, techniques and processes to recreate them, all the way down to their building blocks? Do you know what it takes to make a spark? A sheet of paper? A pencil? A paperclip?

Join Mason Trellis, hapless castaway in a temporal drainhole, as he struggles with that very question - What can a modern technological end-user do when he's two millennium from the nearest wall socket, twenty-four centuries shy of plastics, and 4700 miles from gunpowder?


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(Rear Cover Presentation)

(Plot Synopsis - SPOILERS!)