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Saturday, 22 December 2018 23:46

f you’ve seen The Expanse on the Sci-Fi network then you’ve seen this book (the first in a series of seven or eight). It’s set in the solar system a century or so forward from ours. Earth is a UN dominated world, Mars bold and fascist. And the belt, it’s free-wheeling yet controlled by the inner worlds (and falling more and more under the sway of the OPA (Outer Planet Alliance)). So, yes, this is a universe set for conflict and action.

Into this backdrop we find four people, late crewmembers of the ice rigger Canterbury (destroyed as part of an attempt to trigger interplanetary war) fleeing for their lives on a stolen Martian ship, trying to keep out of the way of the terrifying forces seeking them out. Yes, we have the ah-shucks farmboy, the exotic belter engineer, the tex-drawl, Indian-heritaged pilot, and the merc from the depth of the Baltimore slums, all running together. And they make a neat team, one you really want to root for

Add to this Detective Miller, an out-of-date policeman on Ceres, tasked with finding the daughter of a missing industrialist. He’s got his own quirks and his own interesting ways, and putting him in parallel with our fab four (and eventually getting them to cross paths) really moves the story along.

All this leads, as we spool in the clues, to a horrifying discovery about how far a massive corporation will go when they find an alien life form that might be weaponizable. All they need is a place to test it…

Yes, so, max stars for this effort – I’ve enjoyed the series on video and these books as well. At the time of this writing, I’m out to the third and plowing through. I can tell you that if you like good storylines with exiting thrills and fully lines, this one’s got you covered. Check it out!