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Sunday, 19 August 2018 21:18

’ve been told that there is a satisfaction to having a hand at something growing and improving. People say that about their kids. Their churches. Their businesses. But really, if there was a recent success story, it’s gotta be the WAZU Railroad.

We’ve had a couple of sputter-n-spark test sessions. Just everyone tripping over each other and fumbling around. But today, it was A-game. Today Superintendent Andy turned up the steam and released the trains. And today the crews were in top form. We had a good yardmaster (Greg), a sharp local operator (Jeff) and a crisp Dispatcher (Bruce). And all the other guys there, we were all running trains on the ball. I was passing trains two and three at a siding – the main was packed. But you could tell, standing in the other room, that the session was running tight. No cross-talk but some shared laughter. Radio calls going through on the first contact.

I ran a general freight and a hotshot produce run and both of those movements met many, many trains, more than any other WAZU session I’ve been at. It was busy and fun and the action was continuous.

Heavy trains meeting (Credit: Franky Z)









So congrats to the Doc and his associated band of engineers. We made that railroad hum. What a great time it was!

Sign me up for the next one.